Volume 19, Number 03 & 04, July - December 2020
1. Bulk Viscous Creation Field Cosmological Model with Cosmological Term in Bianchi Type-I Space-Time
Raj Bali, Seema Saraf
Page: 145-152
2. On Arresting the Complex Growth Rate Of A Perturbation in Ferrothermosolutal Convection in a Porous Medium: Darcy Model
Jyoti Prakash, Virender Singh, Chitresh Kumari, Khem Chand
Page: 153-166
3. Entropy Analysis for Mixed Convection in a Porous Medium Channel
Paresh Vyas, Kusum Yadav, Nupur Srivastava
Page: 167-180
4. Estimation of Scale Parameter of Length Biased Nakagami Distribution via Bayesian Approach
Arun Kumar Rao, Himanshu Pandey
Page: 181-190
5. Consequence of Chemical Reaction on an Unsteady MHD Radiative Flow Past an Erect Porous Plate with Diffusion-Thermo (Dufour Effect)
Sujan Sinha, Maushumi Mahanta
Page: 191-206
6. Magnetized Bianchi Type-VI0 Cosmological Model for Barotropic Fluid Distribution with Variable Magnetic Permeability and Dark Energy
Atul Tyagi, Poonam Jorwal, Dhirendra Chhajed
Page: 207-216
7. Certain Results on Generalized Sasakian-Spaceforms with Semi-Symmetric Metric Connections
Abhishek Kushwaha, Sudhir Kumar Dubey
Page: 217-224
8. Magnetized Nano Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet due to Chemical Reaction and Non-Linear Thermal Radiation with Navier Slip and Convective Heating
S. Choudhary, V.K. Jarwal
Page: 225-244
9. Effects of Thermal Radiation, Joule Heating and Porous Medium on the Flow of a Thin Liquid Film on an Unsteady Stretching Sheet
R.S. Yadav, O.D. Makinde
Page: 245-258
10. Stiff Fluid Cosmological Model with C-Field in Locally Rotationally Symmetric Bianchi Type-I Space Time
Atul Tyagi, Jaipal Singh, Gajendra Pal Singh
Page: 259-266
11. Coefficient Inequality of a Significant Class of Analytic Function
G.S. Rathore, Gurmeet Singh, Lokendra Kumawat
Page: 267-274
12. Use of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to Analyze Crime Data of Rajasthan
Vikram Singh, S.K. Gupta, Jagdish Prasad
Page: 275-288