Volume 19, Number 01 & 02, January - June 2020
1. Some Bianchi Type IX Dust Fluid Tilted Cosmological Models with Bulk Viscosity in General Relativity
Pramila Kumawat
Page: 01-12
2. Five Dimensional Bianchi Type-I Viscous Fluid Space-Time with Vacuum Energy Density () in General Relativity
Mahesh Kumar Yadav, R.K. Gangele, Sanjeev Kumar
Page: 13-20
3. Love Waves in A Fibre-Reinforced Medium Over a Heterogeneous Orthotropic Half-Space
Anup Saha, Pramod Kumar Vaishnav
Page: 21-40
4. Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on Unsteady MHD Free Convection Flow over Stretching Sheet with the Effect of Thermal Radiation and Soret Number in Porous Medium
Piroja Begum, Dipak Sarma
Page: 41-54
5. On Entropy in Buoyant MHD Radiative Flow Past a Vertical Plate Embedded in Porous Medium
Paresh Vyas, Kusum Yadav
Page: 55-68
6. Certain Curvature Conditions On N(K)-Contact Metric Manifolds with Respect to Semi-Symmetric Non-Metric Connection
Gajendra Nath Tripathi, Rati Rastogi
Page: 69-80
7. The Sample Coefficient of Determination and its Adjusted Version Under Pitman Nearness, when Disturbances are not Necessarily Normal
Manoj Kumar, Vikas Bist, Man Inder Kumar
Page: 81-98
8. Studies of Thermal Decomposition in SnSe And SnSeCu0.02 Single Crystals
S.M. Bharthaniya, Ajay M. Agarwal, G.K. Solanki
Page: 99-108
9. On the Characterization of Triply Diffusive Convection in a Sparsely Distributed Porous Medium
Jyoti Prakash, Kaka Ram, Khem Chand
Page: 109-118
10. Late-Time Acceleration in Bianchi Type V Perfect Fluid Cosmological Models
Abhay Singh, Prashant S. Baghel, J. P. Singh
Page: 119-132
11. Some Hodiernal Properties of 3x3 Magic Square
D.B. Ojha
Page: 133-144